Concrete Patios & Natural Stone Accents

Concrete Patios & Natural Stone Accents

Concrete Patios.

The options for concrete patio designs are endless, helping you create the sleek, timeless, durable look you desire. And customization doesn’t have to end at shape, colour, or finish — looking to box out planter beds or blend the patio pour into a continuous retaining wall or steps? Blue Diamond can help you achieve the functional, yet seamless patio you crave.


Different finished textures are achieved by either applying a swirled finish, exposed aggregate or a traditional broom finish application. These are fantastic non slip finish options, especially for pool-side applications. Smooth finished patios can also be achieved, but it’s recommended that gritted sealant is applied for any pool-side applications to ensure safety.

Natural Stone Coping.

Adding natural stone coping to your pool creates a nature-inspired, organic look, but also helps define the patio from the pool’s edge, keeping safety in mind. Don’t settle for concrete over wood. Natural stone coping offers superior finish and longevity.

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