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Concrete Pool Repair

Harsh Canadian winters and imbalanced water chemistry can result in plaster delamination, chipped steps, blistering to loose pool coping, loose tiles, cracked shells, and leaky skimmers — among a wide variety of other issues. Repairs can include anything from small patchwork, to commercial grade epoxy injections, to concrete or marbelite rehabilitation.

Vinyl Pool Repair

Vinyl pools are durable and can last. Over time however, chlorine, acidity, and weather can negatively affect the life of a vinyl pool and liner. Vinyl is also a little more susceptible to physical damage. Through wear and tear, accidents, or just simple aging, damaged vinyl needs to be repaired to limit leaking and issues that can affect other component of your pool.

Fibreglass Pool Repair

Suffering issues from fading and hairline cracks to discolouration and bulging, fiberglass pools will see their fair share of issues. It takes an experience eye and the right material for colour restoration and matching, or dealing properly with possible cracking and bulging at the source of these issues.

The Problem may seem complicated, but the solution is simple. Contact our experts, and let us take it from here.

Pool Maintenance Services

Depending on your pool’s material, you may experience some small wear and tear repairs that can be quickly fixed by the Blue Diamond team. Pool repairs and ongoing maintenance help keep your pool in pristine condition and ensure your pool does not require a full restoration. Some of these ongoing repairs can include:

Pool Leak Detection

An unrepaired hole the size of a pencil tip can result in hundreds of gallons of water lost per day, leading to more serious structural and mechanical problems down the road. Our qualified technicians use Sonar leak detection technology to find the leak quickly and accurately saving not only time but possibly unnecessary pool patio damage.

Pool Equipment

Over time things such as your pool pump, heater, or filter may need to be replaced from the chlorinated water system. Blue Diamond Pools are your trusted experts to upgrade or purchase new pool equipment.

Pool Liner Replacement & Repair

Although a pool liner can last up to 20 years, a damaged pool liner can lead to loss of water. Over time pool chemicals will wear away the liners protective exterior. Blue Diamond can repair or replace when there are visible tears, holes, wrinkling, and fading.

Pool Deck Resurfacing

Is your pool deck cracking, sinking, or heaving? Repairing or replacing the pool deck can dramatically upgrade your inground pool appearance. From small repairs to a complete pool deck replacement, our experts will transform your deck without the trouble of removing the old concrete entirely.

Swimming Pool Tile Repair

Our team of experts will keep your pool looking beautiful with tile repair, or opt for a new look with new pool tile installation.

Pool Crack Repair

Concrete, Marbelite and Plaster are prone to cracks over time in your pool’s structure. We use a epoxy injection, addressing the issue immediately, so that we can ensure the crack is a small repair prior to needing a resurfacing.

Swimming Pool Paint

Swimming pool paint and coatings shouldn’t be ignored, our team of experts provide pool painting services to repair any chipped, flaking, or faded paint that is protecting your pool’s structure from the harsh chemicals in the water.

Plumbing Repair

Leaking plumbing or mechanical equipment can result in losing hundreds of gallons of water a day! We fix the situation right away, not only saving you money, but to save you from running into problems down the road.

As Simcoe County’s and GTA premiere pool repair and renovation company, our team of experts will ensure your pool remains your family’s oasis for years to come. Contact us today for a quote on your next pool repair.

"Blue Diamond Pools renovated our 35 year-old pool and made it new again. It looks better than ever and will last another 35 years. The service was prompt and professional, we are very satisfied with the outcome".
David from Barrie Ontario

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