woman with goggles and cap swimming in pool

A Custom Designed Swimming Pool Can Help With Your Health

woman with goggles and cap swimming in poolAfter the holidays wind down and life settles back into the regular routine, more often than not, New Year’s resolutions are often forgotten about, and as a result placed on the back-burner. Like each year, you may have great intentions, but will you follow through with committing to these goals? If this year is your year to crack down on health and maintain an active, healthy lifestyle, a new swimming pool might be just the idea for you.  How would a custom designed swimming pool assist in maintaining your healthy resolutions?

  1. Tone Up

It is no secret of course that swimming is an excellent form of exercise.  Swimming laps can be an enjoyable activity that also offers the body several advantages. Many in fact enjoy swimming because it doesn’t “feel” like exercise.  A swimming pool can provide you with great cardio that also means no impact on your body. When is the last time that you stretched your entire body? Going for a swim is the perfect opportunity to accomplish this, and you’ll notice improved stretching ability as you swim each day. Swimming is highly recommended almost any individual of any age because of the physical benefits it provides. When you swim you need to work to keep your body level and propel yourself forward through the resistance of the water. Not only that; like with running, swimming trains the body to use oxygen more efficiently. In doing so, this improves lung and heart functions by reducing your resting heart and breath rate levels. Factor in the cardio aspect and your arms and you’ll be feeling the effects of it in no time!

With all of this said, if your goal is to tone up, consider the endless fun and exercise you’ll experience with a swimming pool from Blue Diamond Pools & Landscaping.  No need for a gym membership when you can get all the activity in by escaping to your backyard! While it may seem like a leisure activity, this awesome sport is actually a calorie busting routine that will get you in shape quicker than you think!

  1. Spend Time with Family and Friends

If spending time with your friends and family is critical on your priority list this upcoming year, a swimming pool could help tremendously. Get the kids together for a little backyard party, or invite your neighbours over for a BBQ while you watch the Toronto Blue Jays game. Alternatively, you can even use your new swimming pool to meet people, by inviting the office to your summer, backyard get-together. Hosting pool parties and summer occasions at your house is the perfect way to get the most out of your new swimming pool, while you also benefit from spending more quality time with close friends and family; people you enjoy to be around most.

  1. Learn a New Skill

You are never too old to learn a new trick, and your swimming pool provides the best way to prove it. There are countless activities and hobbies that you can implement with swimming. Have you ever heard of underwater basket weaving? Sure the term is often used in a joke to describe what many think is a “useless” college course, but it is actually a real activity and it can be quite interesting.  What does it involve? Basically, you soak reeds at the bottom of a swimming pool that are then used to create pretty, hand-woven baskets. Gardening is another skill your pool can motivate you to learn. The landscaping surrounding your pool will need a caring hand from time to time, in an effort to maintain its thriving appearance.

Consider your pool and landscaping design options this New Year. Getting a head start on the process means your award winning swimming pool will be ready before the blazing hot days have arrived. Enjoy your new pool all summer long!

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