Featured Project:
Snow Valley.

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Simplicity and luxury came together when Blue Diamond Pools and Landscaping completed a nature-inspired in-ground pool project for homeowners in Snow Valley.

Our clients loved the original natural look of their backyard but just wanted to freshen it up with a new in-ground pool and refreshed landscaping. Our team was up to the challenge and stayed true to the naturalist aesthetic of their backyard, while still adding some luxury into the mix.

The team planted additional trees and greenery and created a naturalistic atmosphere by placing a natural limestone waterfall at the edge of the pool. The addition of the waterfall created a perfect transition from greenery and landscaping to the pool entrance. The sounds of dripping water on the rocks created a soothing feeling throughout the backyard.

The project features a medium sized 14×28 ft in-ground pool where it deepens to 6 feet of depth, perfect for swimming or even just soaking in the shallow end. The pool coping, patio and retaining walls use Unilock stones for a cohesive transition from pool to patio.

No detail was overlooked in this project and that is true right down to the stainless steel pool stairs and handrails, and the eco-Friendly “Hayward” pool equipment.