Leak Detection

What To Expect From a Pool Leak Detection Company

Although a leak in an in-ground pool may be hard to spot, an un-repaired hole, as small as the tip of a pencil, can result in hundreds of gallons of water lost. Not only is this costly, but this amount of water seeping into the surrounding ground can cause devastating consequences.

Wondering how to tell if your pool is leaking? Here’s what to look for:

If your water bill is increasing without you adding more water to your pool, it’s likely that there is a leak.

  1. Your pool or spa loses more water than simple splashing or evaporation
  2. Your pool liner had significantly faded
  3. There are visible cracks on the walls of the pool or spa
  4. You’re adding additional water weekly



Although, sometimes it’s not so obvious. With such a large amount of water required, it can be difficult to tell, and even more difficult to know where the leak is happening.

Finding where a pool leak is located is very difficult without proper technology and methodology. That is why hiring a pool repair company is one of the fastest fast ways to ensure you don’t waste days trying to find the leak yourself or potentially misdiagnosing the situation.

Often it is thought that finding a leak in a pool requires draining all the water or bringing in a diver to complete an inspection – this is not the case. There are technologies that allow for noninvasive inspections that will be able to identify the source of the leak in minutes.

What to expect from a pool leak detection service

When a leak is suspected, a professional leak detection company will first isolate the plumbing related to the pool, inspecting each piece of the system, and confirm there are no connections that could have fouled over time or other areas of the plumbing that are leaking.

Once the plumbing has been ruled out, the walls or liner of the pool is the next area to be inspected. Professional pool companies use advanced leak detection equipment to find the leak using a sensor system, without having to go into the pool or perform any sort of invasive tactics. With a telescopic pole, the pool technician can remain on the deck, and place a charged pole in the pool. Beeping (similar to a metal detector looking for treasure) will guide the search directly to the source of the leak, all within minutes.

Using leak detection equipment, the source of the leak can be found quickly without hassle. Additionally, if there is any question, a subsequent dye test can confirm the diagnosis.

What is a dye test?

A swimming pool dye tests injects a small amount of coloured dye near where the suspected leak is located. If there is no leak, the dye will float where it was squirted, but if there is a leak, the dye will be pulled down to the location of the leak.

Repairing a leaking in-ground pool

Hiring with a pool leak detection company will put your mind at ease. Depending on the repair required, a leak can be solved with a simple patch or replacement of tiles, or it may be an indicator of a larger problem. That is why it is so important to bring in pool experts that have the expertise in pool renovations [link to restoration page] and repairs [link to repairs page] to not only identify the leak but also provide the best solution with all of the factors considered.

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